Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bord Gais start selling Electricity

So Bord Gais have starting selling Electricity in Ireland to compete against ESB and Airtricity, you can view details on

Bord Gais promise upto 14% off what ESB charge their customers and if we take Urban 24 Hour is breaks down as follows:

Take Urban 24 Hour Tariff
- Bord Gais = General Units kWh 16.38 (with DD option only)

- ESB = General units kWh 18.61

- Airtricity = General Units kWh 17.12 (DD option only)

Click on the company names for full tariff details from the company website, all prices include VAT at 13.5%.

So all in All Bord Gais is cheapest at present, I may be switching I'll see how things work out


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